Bloglines search coming this summer

Stephen Baker @ Businessweek:

The CEO of Bloglines (now a division of AskJeeves) says that his company will release a blog search engine this summer which will surpass the likes of Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub. “The challenge,” he says, “is to create world-class blog search, which we don’t think exists now.”

Of course, lots of companies, big and small, are chasing that vision. Fletcher says that with improved search, Bloglines will lead users to the relevant blogs, and then help them organize all the feeds pouring onto their desktop. He sees the technology automatically grouping the feeds, or perhaps ranking them according to the user’s interests (as documented by clicks).

If anyone wants to read the notes from this interview, Download file have at them. And if you find stories or angles there that I should have stressed, let me know

Via buzzhit! : Bloglines to enter blog search fray this summer:

Not surprisingly (mostly because it was noted at the time of the AskJeeves acquisition of Bloglines), BusinessWeek is reporting (via an interview with Mark Fletcher) that Bloglines intends to enter the blog search fray this summer, taking on PubSub, Technorati, Feedster and the ever improving BlogPulse.

Could MSN, Google and Yahoo be that far behind? Unlikely.

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