Filemaker is pesterware

I downloaded a 30-day trial of Filemaker for OS X about 2-3 weeks ago. Had some ideas for a notetaking system with tagging, dynamic cross-linking, flexible querying, stuff like that. I haven’t had time to even unzip the trial, but I’ve already received two phone calls and two follow-up emails from Filemaker sales reps. Don’t they have anything better to do? Isn’t Filemaker selling without this kind of pestering? What’s wrong with these people? If I have trouble with it, I know where to go. If I want to buy a license, I know where to go for that, too.

At this rate, it’s unlikely that I’ll even take the time to install the trial. I’ll keep using MacJournal and see if I can uncover some features that get me closer to what I’m imagining my note taking application to be. MacJounral is a nice piece of software, and I haven’t been pestered by them once.

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