Sphere, the related content company I co-founded three years ago, has been acquired by AOL.

I think I logged about 185 hours of sleep and 3 blog posts on remylabs over the last three years, but building Sphere has been really fun, thanks to the best team in the business. We have a small but incredibly great team at Sphere (a photo of our handsome crew is here), and I’d like to congratulate and thank each of them for being a part of this adventure:

Our word-class business team: Jeff Yolen and Josh Guttman.

Our stellar technology team: Alex Bendig, Andy Cabell, Kevin Cowan, Adam Embick, Mike Garfias, Michael Harzheim, Sven Henderson, Troy Vitullo and Jeremy Rice.

And of course my co-founders, Steve Nieker and Tony Conrad, as well as a superb group of investors and advisors including our 4th co-founder and advisor Toni Schneider.

Not strictly part of our team, but not far from it: Some of the best partners and customers (early adopters and others) that a startup can hope for.

I’m very excited to join AOL. Sphere’s content discovery products are a great fit for AOL’s sites and platforms, and I look forward to working with the great people there. We’ve worked with several groups within AOL over the last couple of years, so I know first-hand that the place is chock-full of smart people.

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