Goodbye LaCie, Hello WD

I’ve been using LaCie drives for years, but after no fewer than 3 cases of burnt-out power supplies in the past couple of years, I’m trying something new.  LaCie has always replaced the power supply under warranty, but they shouldn’t keep burning out, especially since I have them plugged into a line conditioner.  So I bought a Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II for Mac, the 4TB model.  It claims to be green’ish (by using less power, generating less heat etc.).  It’s also quieter than my LaCie.  I resent a little that I have to install software to modify the RAID configuration (no hardware switch) of the MyBook, but in return the status bar item tells me temperature and RAID status, see screenshot.  So far, so good, hope this one lasts a while.  WD also includes several cables (FW800-FW800, FW800-FW400 and USB).

WD Drive Manager

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